The Falcon Foundation established the Connellsville Area School District Hall of Fame in 2010 for the purpose of recognizing outstanding individuals who have been affiliated with the District. This Hall of Fame recognition may result from achievement in many areas of life including public service, military service, careers, the arts, music, athletics, education, etc. Another purpose of this Hall of Fame is to celebrate the talent, work ethic, and spirit of the people of our school district, and thus promote a greater sense of school and community pride within the Connellsville Area.

Connellsville Area Hall of Fame Candidates can fall into two categories:

  1. Distinguished graduates of Connellsville Area High School (CAHS) from 1967 on, or distinguished graduates of Connellsville High School (CHS) or Dunbar Township High School (DTHS) prior to 1967.
  2. Persons who have not graduated from the above mentioned high schools but have greatly contributed to the advancement of education in the Connellsville Area School District (CASD) from 1967 on, or the Connellsville School District CSD) or Dunbar Township School District (DTSD) prior to 1967.

To be eligible for induction into either category of the CASD Hall of Fame, a person must be at least 25 years of age when nominated.

Anyone with an interest in the Connellsville Area School District is eligible to nominate someone for this “Hall of Fame”.

Nomination forms can be picked up at any Connellsville Area School or can be downloaded from the Connellsville Area School District Website (

Nomination Forms must be returned to the Falcon Foundation. (Nomination Forms should be returned to the Connellsville Area Falcon Foundation, 201 Falcon Drive Connellsville, Pa. 15425).

Once submitted, a nomination is eligible for consideration five years.

The Selection Process will be handled by a special Falcon Foundation “Hall of Fame” Committee.

A Recognition Ceremony will be planned for the fall of 2018.